You are a furry sexbot who must convince some police officers that she's a person who can love, not a mere object owned by her partner.

Despite the premise, contains no explicit content.

Once you reach the end, there is no way to restart the game other than by refreshing the page. Sorry about that.

Also, there are some random parts of the prose that will be regenerated each time you do this.

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Tech details:

This game was written with Inky (MIT license), and runs using a slightly modified version of its default export template, which is powered by ink.js (MIT license).

According to Inky's built-in word counter, there are 984 words across all branches.


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Thanks to this game I think furry's deserve rights

Thanks, glad the game made you think :p

This game was partially inspired by a long-running furry comic, Freefall, that goes more in depth into the idea of furry/AI rights. If you liked this you might like that? :p

I'll check the comic, and you're welcome :)

Really great game.

Thanks a bunch!

Your very welcome.

this is cute really cute, i likes

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for taking a while to get back :(

np, i look forward to to playing more from you....if you keep making ganes

(1 edit) (+1)

Well, hopefully I can. Right now my main priority is making more of my other game, Super Fuzzy Beach Dater, and if you liked this I'd recommend giving that a shot. This game was sort of testing the waters for some of the heavier topics I might cover in that game, after all.

I'm not sure how many short stories like this I'd be making, though.

Update: Super Fuzzy Beach Dater was terribly overambitious, I'm trying to make some more short stories now :p