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Thanks to this game I think furry's deserve rights

Thanks, glad the game made you think :p

This game was partially inspired by a long-running furry comic, Freefall, that goes more in depth into the idea of furry/AI rights. If you liked this you might like that? :p

I'll check the comic, and you're welcome :)

Really great game.

Thanks a bunch!

Your very welcome.

this is cute really cute, i likes

Thanks a bunch! Sorry for taking a while to get back :(

np, i look forward to to playing more from you....if you keep making ganes

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Well, hopefully I can. Right now my main priority is making more of my other game, Super Fuzzy Beach Dater, and if you liked this I'd recommend giving that a shot. This game was sort of testing the waters for some of the heavier topics I might cover in that game, after all.

I'm not sure how many short stories like this I'd be making, though.

Update: Super Fuzzy Beach Dater was terribly overambitious, I'm trying to make some more short stories now :p