A spinoff/sequel text game is out

Super Fuzzy Beach Dater is back! Sort of.

I'm still not continuing this game, but I have released a short story text adventure that takes place in the same universe, and is a fairly direct sequel to this game, taking place a month or two after what's depicted here.

I've tried to make it stand on its own pretty well, but I'm hoping fans of SFBD will enjoy getting some hints about what happened next, and more details about the world of this game.

You can find that here. It talks about sex more than SFBD, so I've marked it as NSFW, and it may not appear on all itch.io pages unless you're logged in and have adult content set as visible in your settings. I'm not exactly sure how that works, though. (Apparently since I've uploaded NSFW content now, that setting is locked to on for me now!? lol)

I did a lot of worldbuilding for SFBD that went unused, so more short spinoffs like this are a possibility. After I failed to deliver here, though, I don't want to make any big promises. I'm just glad I got this out :p

Hope you enjoy this! And, well, sorry the spinoff is so weird lol

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