Vote to speed up development!

I figure I should advertise this here.

I'm going to try to work on this game a bit more this month, but it may go slow.

However… you can speed that up if you want.

I'm running a poll on my Patreon—open for anyone that donates $1 a month or more—that will determine which project I'll spend the most time on this month.

If you want to see me spend the most time on Super Fuzzy Beach Dater, please sign up for my page and vote for it.

I don't have much attention right now, so it should be pretty easy to swing the poll in your favor :p

You can find my Patreon page here. (Linking directly to the poll seems to be a little glitchy, sorry.)

Also, I've been more active on Twitter lately, so if you want updates on this or my other stuff, you'll likely get them first there.

If development starts going smoothly again, I'll try to do weekly/biweeekly devlogs again. Not sure how many people read those, though.

And thank you for the support, people who have left comments :p

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