Update #4 - Small progress

I've ported a little more of the original script. Now, the section where Jean first arrives at the protagonist's apartment is implemented properly.

Well, mostly, anyway.

I wanted to get more done than that, but I spent a lot of my time writing tooling to automatically generate the code for examining objects. For example, it's common for objects to display different messages each time you click them, and having the boilerplate code for that automated away has sped up my writing process a lot.

It still isn't quite where I want it, but it's much better than where it was.

Currently, the hardest part, particularly with my bad hand, is defining the clickable region for each object. I'm using polygons for that, and it's a bit of a pain to place all the points and copy them into the code. I'm trying to think of some ways to make the process a little smoother—with any luck, I'll think of something.

One benefit of the older version of the engine was that everything had a visual editor, and you could edit the game while you played it. This made the writing go very quickly. The downside of that, though, was that coding the game was an absolute nightmare.

One of these days, hopefully, I'll be able to hit a good balance between the two approaches…

Since I didn't get much done this week, as promised, I'll post some detail about the plot.

The best one I can think of at the moment is: the main lizard girl character is likely going to not be fond of dairy products, since lizard people are not used to the idea of milk, and she'll likely rant about this at least once.

I've yet to decide at what point in a game that should happen, though. Or if when she rants should be based on event flags. I'm not sure if shuffling around scenes based on what the player does is going to make the game feel dynamic or convoluted.

Those are completely different kinds of issues that are giving me a headache :p

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