Update #6 - Ow

I tried to get more drawing done, but pushed myself too hard and made my hand hurt more than it's ever hurt before. I swear, like, half a tendon was numb and that was surprisingly excruciating. It's like, if you make a large area of your body numb, you just get numb—but if you make a tiny area of your body numb, you somehow get pain. I never would have even thought of that if this hadn't happened.

My hand is recovering faster than it used to, which is nice, but I'd rather not go through that again, and I'm a little scared to draw now.

In a week or two, I may give it another shot, but it looks like I need to recover for a little longer.

Until then, I'll be working on writing the script more. At the very least, that produces some decent one-liners I can post, like the picture :p

I'm considering ideas for simpler projects that involve less artwork. Possibly some procedural generation. But so far, SFBD's the best idea I've got, so I'm going to continue slowly working on it.

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