Update #14 - Saving infrastructure laid

Sorry, not too much progress this time. I had a bit of a long week with health problems.

I've gotten a module for loading and saving settings and save games written (but not tested, embarrassingly enough), and have to get that integrated with the rest of the game.

So, basically, I've got a module for GUIs working, a module for loading and saving working, and I need to connect the two together.

I've designed the engine around making save games easy to serialize, so hopefully that part won't be too terrible.

(I'll likely write more about this in the future, but basically, the idea is, SFBD's engine stores less information in save games than competing visual novel/adventure game engines, in an attempt to make save games more compatible with different versions of the script.)

I'm learning the biggest problem with this is figuring out how to handle the various errors inherent with reading arbitrary files—like, what to do if the save file is corrupted or something. Currently, nearly all problems are going to be handled with an alert box that will quit the game when the player presses "okay." Maybe in the future I'll think of something more graceful.

At the same time, I'm wondering if I'm being too prepared. I'm sure at least one person's going to be surprised that there's an official error message for "this save file is from a future version of Super Fuzzy Beach Dater." :p

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