Update #17 - Title and credits lame but working

They don't look very good, but the title and credit screens are now programmed.

Next up is making a way to reset your settings, finally making that damn camera panning effect, making various script tweaks to day 1 (I managed to get all my tweaks to to day 0 done while doing everything else), finishing various assets (like these, the arrows used for indicators, and promotional stuff), and getting all that beta tested.

So pretty much, right now, the demo is now very close to completion, and nearly all of my remaining tasks are preparing it for release.

If I was healthier, I could probably get all this done in a week, or maybe even a few days, but you know how things go with me. I'll say the demo will be out within a month. Or, er, in a month. That seems safe :(

I'd like to try to launch this demo and my Patreon simultaneously, and setting that up may delay things the most. If I run into any difficulties there, I'll use the extra time to polish the game yet more.

My Patreon may be a little less grandiose than I originally planned. Right now, basically, I'm planning on starting simple, with two tiers. All donors will be able to vote on various details of what projects I work on and how I work on them, and another tier will likely have some patron-early and/or exclusive content. If I have additional tiers, they will likely be added later, as I figure out what type of workload is practical for me.

If you like this game, that will likely be the main way to support it.

I hope I can make this demo good enough to convince you doing that will be worth it.

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