Update #21 - Advertising, plans

Since releasing Demo 2, most of my time has been filled with trying to advertise the game.

I'm not particularly good at advertising. Perhaps one of these days, I can write a long postmortem about that, but for now, the gist of it is—the vast majority of my hits come from being one of a small handful of furry visual novels on itch.io, and all other methods of advertising have had little effect compared to that. And nothing has made a dent in my Patreon. If there's a trick to advertising a game like this, I haven't found it yet.

But… I was able to get a furry YouTuber to livestream the game, which was pretty exciting regardless :p

Anyway, my next main tasks are…

I've found some small glitches in the current demo, and will get a new version out to fix those soon. But right now, I'm particularly sick, and can't do that.

And soon… maybe next week… I'll get to work on Demo 3.

My goal with Demo 3 is… to finish it more quickly than 10 months. Let's see how that goes :p

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